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Based on the information you provided, you have a High risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

With a High risk for sleep apnea, we strongly recommend a telehealth visit and a home sleep apnea test. During the virtual visit, you can discuss your assessment results, sleep concerns and overall health with our sleep specialist. If recommended, the specialist can order a home sleep apnea test. Rest assured, our Telehealth Concierge will work with you determine insurance coverage prior to any equipment shipping to your home. After the test, during a Follow-up appointment, the sleep specialist can review the sleep test results with you and discuss treatment options appropriate for you. The specialist can also provide information on other sleep disorders that can be identified and treated.


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1. Schedule a
Telehealth Visit

Once on the BioSerenity Elation page, select ALL PROVIDERS and choose a date and time. The system will then match you with an available sleep specialist.


After confirming your appointment, please complete the patient information and provide insurance details.

You will receive email and text confirmation from Elation and be prompted to create a Passport account. 


2. During Telehealth Visit

During your visit, the doctor will review your medical history and sleep habits to determine your risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


If it is determined you need a sleep test, a home sleep test will be ordered for you and shipped directly to your home.

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3. Follow-up Appointment

After completing your home sleep test, all data will be transmitted to BioSerenity for analysis and interpretation.


Schedule a follow-up appointment to meet with our sleep specialist to review your Home Sleep Test results and discuss therapy options.





Call our Telehealth Concierge Team

(866) 228-8174

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